Resume Builder: Technology Edition

Coaching by Samara
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Do you work in tech currently or hopefully soon!?

This builder will teach you how to create a resume that will make YOU stand out!

With easy-to-follow steps, targeted questions for identifying key information, example content to build upon, AND a prefilled editable resume template, learn how to sell your experience in a way that resonates. 

Whether you have years of experience or not and regardless of the exact school type or setting you are after, this resume builder kit walks you through how to build a top-notch technology-focused resume.


  • Resume Template: prefilled with technology-focused content for you to customize to your experience. (
  • Content Creator: for writing compelling resume bullets with 12+ resume bullet examples included. 
  • Writing Guide:  full of Coaching by Samara's addressing resume structure, key sections, formatting, and content best practices. 

Let us walk you through how to create a knock-out resume that best markets YOU! 


*If you are looking for another industry or career type check out the rest of our resume builder library, another resume builder may be a better fit for you!

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I want this!

Resume Builder: Technology Edition

0 ratings
I want this!